Because I wanted to give my subjects a chance to express themselves but also to give myself an opportunity to express how I perceive those same subjects, I began to think about a study.


“Études”, as the title suggests, is a study – a study of people. I wanted something more stripped down to give the subject a chance to connect with the viewer on a deeper level and to reveal something more intimate. Spontaneity, improvisation and fashion as well as a good dose of good humour is what “Études” can be sum up to. And there is another word I consider to be very important and that must be added to describe those sessions: sincerity. 


Through Études, I want to share what the subject and I have to offer. It’s a very personal project and you will see at times, numerous chapters about one person. Numerous chapters only mean that I want to explore more aspects of that person because I believe, people are surprising and they never cease to grow and amaze me. I also hope that my pictures will tell you more about the respect, love and fascination I have for them.

Études - Ch. I, Partie 1


Jasmina was my first subject for Études. Being quite popular in Mauritius, people know her mostly for her job as a model and that of fashion editor these days. But when we first worked together, I discovered she had an incredible talent for fashion styling. And it was her beauty, the depth of her soul have led me to photograph her. I will not ramble about the extraordinary person she is; I will just say that I find her to be fascinating to a degree that I don’t think I can get bored photographing her.

Études - Ch. I, Partie 2


After photographing Jasmina in her home, I thought I would do another session with Jasmina, this time in a studio with natural light, and this time to highlight the fashion stylist that she is.

Études - Ch. II


I think it was in December 2013 that I saw a picture of a red haired girl with her friends at a nightclub. She was of such an arresting beauty and I just knew I had to shoot her. I got in contact with her and I was very sad to learn that she did not live in Mauritius. She lived on the neighbouring island. I waited a year and in December 2014, she told me she was coming to Mauritius. And we shot this session on the first day of 2015.

Études - Ch. III


I give you Andréa La Rosa. She has such an interesting face and her charisma is definitely one of the most attractive things about her. And those blonde locks….

Études - Ch. IV

Yoann Monty

Yoann is this friendly and handsome guy whose shyness and kindness strike you at first sight when you meet him. Photographing him was such a laidback and fun session.

Études - Ch. V

Annette James Ikongo

I met Annette one night in a restaurant. I asked her instantly if she would let me photograph her some of these days. She agreed and we sat down for a small session. Upon meeting her, I thought she was this quiet but sophisticated girl with a little fire burning strong within her. And it was true as her nickname “Divanette” hints.

Études - Ch. VI

Nadia Souchon

Photographing Nadia was just a lovely and quiet experience. In her, I found beauty and sensibility, but also strength and I hope I managed to capture that.

Études - Ch. VII

Sean Craig

I believe it takes a curious mind and a good eye to become a better photographer; but sometimes, it takes a great model to make you strive even harder to be better at your craft. And for me, it was Sean Craig. I met him as a teenager who modelled for his friends when I myself was just making my first steps into fashion photography.
Over the years, I have photographed Sean numerous times and it always stunned me how this gentle soul with his boyish smiles, could radically transform himself into such a strong persona with a captivating presence.