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For general or work inquiries in Mauritius or abroad, I would be more than glad to speak with you and to provide you with more information about my services.
Whether it is for corporate, editorial, personal shoots or weddings, get in touch with me below.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • How do you work on shoots?

    When it comes to weddings, I adopt a photojournalistic approach for most of the process. I will grab every little detail I can, capture those fleeting moments while making sure your photos are most flattering. Especially during the creative session with the couple is when I will be giving out tips and guiding you in crafting the beautiful imagery you are looking for.

    But when it comes to my portrait work outside of weddings, I am all about capturing the essence of a person while respecting the guidelines given by my client. I will make sure I can make you comfortable during the shoot by guiding you gently. For corporate work, I respect guidelines given to me but will also bring my flair to it.

    • What does your coverage for weddings include?

    Depending on what you have chosen and what you want to do, my coverage includes the bride and groom preparations, the ceremony, the couple session, the reception and dance party.

    • Do you shoot with a second shooter or assistant?

    On weddings, 90% of the time I have a second shooter. For small linear events, I will be on my own depending on the amount of people. On other weddings, there is a lot of moving around, many guests to be photographed or events happening at the same time. It is therefore necessary for me to have a second shooter so as not to miss anything. A second shooter is always a good addition because it helps make my job easier but also, while I am focusing on shooting my couple, you can be assured that other moments worthy of photos are not being neglected. On commercial jobs, I will often have a light assistant.

    • Do you shoot small or big, Indian, Christian, gay or non-religious weddings?

    Yes I do! It would be my pleasure to document your big day whatever your religious or non-religious celebration and whatever orientation. Love is love!

    • We are not very comfortable having our pictures taken but we want great pictures. Can you help us?

    I myself am not very comfortable in front of a lens and I can understand how you feel in those situations. But at all times, I am calm and will do my best to put you at ease on whatever shoot it is.

    I make it a point to meet my clients before the wedding and if not possible, to have at least a video call with them so that we get acquainted. We will talk and laugh and after a while hopefully, you will forget about the camera between us. For weddings, since I will be with you during your prep-time, we will have enough time to feel like we are good friends hanging out.

    When it comes to posing for family portraits, you do not have to worry, I will guide you through everything and that is the only time you’ll be aware of the camera.

    • Why do we have to provide meals for photographers or videographers at our wedding?

    Working long hours takes a toll on everyone but if you feed us a proper meal, you can be assured that we work with a high level of concentration and for longer where necessary. For any job coverage over 5 hours, I always ask that a meal be made available for my team and myself as often, we cannot leave the venue and we cannot carry food with us from the early morning. If you do choose to not provide for a meal, we hope you will understand that we will take at least one and a half hour break during your reception to find and eat food. And if your shoot is taking place in a remote area, it might take longer because of transport.

    • Do you do video as well?

    No, I do not. I just love crafting images for now and like to keep my focus on that. But I can make some recommendations to help you out.

    • What is your pricing?

    Everyone would want to know how much a service will cost, but no two jobs are alike, and the quote for each will differ. If you’d like a quote for a commercial work, for an individual shoot or your wedding, please get in touch via the Contact Form above. For a wedding, a questionnaire will be first sent to you so I get the maximum details. I shall then send a wedding pricing guide.

    For intimate weddings with just the two of you, pricing starts as from MUR 15,000.
    For a full wedding day, I offer standards packages, starting at MUR 35,000.
    I would be more than happy to discuss individual requirements and build a bespoke package to better suit your needs.

    • Can we get all the unedited or RAW images from our shoot?

    No. For all shoots, I never deliver unedited or RAW files. Only the processed images will be delivered to you. Simply because a photo is never truly complete without the editing. Because I want to maintain a high standard in the images I deliver, I will hone the unedited files to the best they can be.

    And before you ask, I do not deliver all the images from a commissioned shoot or a wedding. I eliminate the duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, images with bad or unflattering expressions and other images that may diminish the overall quality of work.

    • Do you edit all your images?

    Yes, I do. All the imagery produced will go through a selection process and every single one will been touched up, only to highlight the best features without distorting the reality of the image. Adjustments made will mostly include colour correction, light adjustments, black and white processing, clarity adjustments and also advanced skin retouching where the job requires it.

    For weddings and portraits, the skin retouching is kept to a bare minimum and is done only where need be so that everything looks natural, just as it should be.

    • When will we receive our photos?

    For commercial work and for individual portraits, most of the time I deliver the photos within 2 weeks unless there is a tight deadline. If I can make it, I will let you know, but if i cannot, I will be passing on the work to someone who can give you what you need on time.

    For weddings, I will always hand you a few ‘sneak peeks’ within days of your big day. But as all good things comes to those who wait, the images I crafted for your wedding will be going through a rigourous selection and post-processing and will be delivered between 4-15 weeks after the wedding depending on the type of wedding.